Whom can you truly count on

The Bend Call is an Australian near-fi short film completed in February 2018

Written by executive producer Joseph Crepaldi  of JC Bits Productions, it was directed by Ben Bryan and Cait Bryan of Hearken, a Melbourne base production company.

Encompassing a cast of young Australian and International actors, it narrates the story of a father who accidentally travels to the future.  Finding himself in trouble, he places a "time bending call" into the past, reaching out to his son for help.

The Bend Call will be initially released only to international Festivals.  For further development into full feature film or TV series, please refer to the contact page.

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The updated list of credits can be found on The Bend Call entry on IMDb


Louis Dickins is an Australian actor, known for Skate Boys (2015), Ominous (2017) and Oliver (2015)

Louis plays "young Joe" in The Bend Call

Rory McKenna is an actor and musician from New Zealand.  He lives in Melbourne



Rory plays "Pogo" in The Bend Call

Jye Hawley is An Australian actor and writer, known for Operation Lesion (2018) and Dancer (2016)

Jye plays "Shane" in The Bend Call


Dave Symes is An Australian musician, composer and producer

Dave plays "old Joe" in The Bend Call

Virtuous Selere 

is a Nigerian actress at her debut

Virtuous plays "Olivia" in The Bend Call

Joseph Crepaldi is an Australian/Italian writer and producer

Joseph plays "Mark" in The Bend Call

Not pictured Holly Chetcuti, who plays "Tara" on the The Bend Call

 and Katarina Ilaya, who plays "Sarah" on The Bend Call